Why Beso?

Running a small business can be complex and for many it’s often still paper-based. Beso brings together inventory, receivables, payables, and invoicing in one easy-to-use app.


All your info on your cell phone, stored safely and securely. No more risk of losing paper.


Monitor your finances quickly and easily - and automatically send reminders, with digital, compliant e-invoicing coming soon.

User Friendly

Crisp, clean, easy - with photo uploads for your inventory - no more searching, no need to be an expert!

What does Beso Offer?

Beso offers small businesses essential accounting, inventory management and multi-currency tools with the ability to fully reconcile against purchases, sales, income, and expenses - all in one place, from your pocket.

Register transactions in multiple currencies

Register your sales, expenses and debts across 168 world currencies, with accurate reconciliation on current and past market conversion rates.

Keep track of inventory

Track purchases and sales from inventory, with a photo upload making it even easier to track.

Monitor your finances

Keep instant, concise track of your finances, with the ability to forecast and project coming soon. .

Analyze your Balances

Instantly view, analyse your balance status over the past week, month and year.

Welcome to Beso

A powerful tool for small business that enables entrepreneurs to reach their full potential - safely, easily, seamlessly...


About Beso

Beso was created with entrepreneurs in mind: overcoming the main obstacles that we believe keeps them from reaching their full potential. A lack of concise records and tools to enable decisions constrains small businesses and prevents others from supporting their growth. With Beso, we empower entrepreneurs make clearer decisions, offering tools that enable access to resources to help them grow, build a digital presence, and access new channels to support their growth.

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