About Beso

Beso was created with entrepreneurs in mind: overcoming the main obstacles that we believe keep entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential.

Small businesses play an outsized role in world economies, accounting for about 90% of registered businesses and 50% of employment worldwide. When informal businesses are included, their role becomes even more significant. This is particularly true for emerging markets.

A lack of concise records and tools to enable decision making is often a constraint for small businesses, hindering their ability to grow and scale effectively by means of digital tools, processes, and presence. Although small businesses are often overlooked and underserved in favor of their larger peers in terms of solutions and resources, this is particularly pronounced in those same emerging markets where they have an outsized impact. Beso aims to reconcile this paradox, by lowering barriers via easy-to-use, integrated, innovative, cost-effective tools for entrepreneurs.

Beso empowers entrepreneurs to make clearer decisions by means of concise accounting, easy-to-use inventory management and multi-currency tools with the ability to fully reconcile against purchases, sales, income, and expenses that enable instant insights into their financial position and forecast into the future.

We aim to empower entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by creating a basis by which they can access resources and build a digital presence, to support their growth, and reach their full potential.